Saturday, 12 November 2016

Fashion Fancies: Audrey Horne

Hold onto your hats because it's been a ridiculous 14 months since my last fashion fancies post! What happened - I hear you ask - and the truth is I don't know, I suppose I just ran out of inspiration and other things got in the way. But this post has been lurking in my drafts on Polyvore for months so I thought it was about time I published it! If you don't know what this is about, basically I take a historical or fictional character and come up with a few outfits that I imagine they would wear and the situations they would wear them in. In the past I've done Catherine Howard, Cathy Dollanganger, Wednesday Addams, Mia Thermopolis, Dolores Haze and Sylvia Plath, but today I would like to turn my attention to possibly the most stylish of my favourite female characters of all time: none other than Audrey Horne.

I only watched Twin Peaks for the first time over Easter this year but since then I have been constantly rewatching it and I think I must have seen the whole series all the way through at least 7-8 times now. There are honestly no words to describe how much I love this series: I love the storyline, a sort of murder-mystery in a small town type thing but so so much more; I love the characters, who are all so real and alive (apart from Laura Palmer obviously); I love the atmosphere, how it's set in a town nestled in the woods where a certain evil lives; I love the absolutely hauntingly beautiful music; I love the authentic 90s fashion; I could go on and on! (please note there will be spoilers)

But one of my favourite things about the series is the character of Audrey Horne, and specifically her character development. At the beginning of season one she's seen as a troublemaker and deliberately ruins one of her father's business deals for attention, not to mention tries to seduce an FBI agent and infiltrates a brothel to help him with his investigation. As the series go on she finds love elsewhere and becomes a social activist, committing an act of disobedience in the name of the local environment.

1. Date Night
I imagine this is something Audrey would wear on a romantic date with Agent Cooper or John Wheeler, perhaps to a fancy restaurant in the town. The dress also reminds me of what she wears when she infiltrates (and ends up getting trapped in) One Eyed Jack's but we'll gloss over those episodes because they upset me. Basically this outfit is full on timeless glam and the colour is so Audrey it hurts.

2. Audrey's Dance
For me this outfit sums up Audrey's everyday style in one look. The colours are muted and complement each other but there are little touches like the neckline and heart-shaped sunglasses which express her personality. And of course there's a plaid skirt involved! To sum it up: 90s fashion at its best.

3. School Day
One of my favourite scenes with Audrey is the school bathroom scene near the beginning of the series - not only is it unbelievably aesthetically pleasing it's also a lovely interaction between Donna and Audrey, who are later revealed to be half-sisters. This is nothing like what she wears in that scene but I think the 'school vibe' does serve to remind us that for all her glamour, sophistication and worldly ways Audrey is still only a high school student and teenager trying to find her place in the world. The saddle shoes are a reference to another iconic school scene too!

4. Detective Work
Throughout the first half of the series Audrey tries to help both Cooper and Donna Hayward find out the identity of Laura Palmer's killer, and her adventures take her to increasingly seedy places. I think this outfit has little touches which recall stereotypical detective attire (like the hat and trench coat) but with a modern, feminised twist. It's simple, practical and stylish, and note the little coffee cup pin!


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Just #DurhamThings

Somehow it's already November and I'm well into Michaelmas term, as is starkly evident by the number of assignments that are suddenly being thrown my way. Having said that uni is going pretty well: this year is so much more interesting in terms of what modules I'm taking so I'm actually motivated to do all the reading (or at least as much as I can get through), and as a result I'm enjoying it a lot more and managing to keep up with things a bit better.

Being back in Durham is also really lovely, I feel like it's definitely becoming 'my' city but I'm still discovering new things every day. For instance I'm a big fan of the bus system - I'd never used it until the beginning of this term but now I spend a lot of time pootling back and forth across the city and looking wistfully out of the window. On one of these trips the other day I started mentally listing some funny little idosyncracies of student life in Durham so I thought I'd share them here - so at risk of sounding like a Buzzfeed article, here are some things that anyone who goes to Durham will be all to familiar with:

  1. Feeling your spirits lift when you see the cathedral rising over the skyline
  2. Risking your life crossing Stockton Road on the red man when you're late to a lecture
  3. Knowing you have to hate on Castle and Hatfield but not quite knowing why
  4. Forgetting to factor in hill slope and incline when planning your walking route
  5. Thanking your lucky stars your department isn't based in Stockton
  6. Having to walk single file along Church Street or else risk having a limb removed by the X12
  7. Trying (and failing) to convince people that Doxbridge is a thing
  8. Dressing up on a night out and knowing full well you look like a local
  9. Not believing Hilde-Bede exists until you have to walk past it every day in second year
  10. Avoiding North Road after dark if at all possible
  11. Never knowing which way to go to get to the Calman café when you enter the building
  12. Having to explain college families to non-Durham people
  13. The horror of knowing you could end up living in Gilesgate unless you get housing sorted asap
  14. The even bigger horror of potentially living in Dragonville
  15. Avoiding going up to the cathedral tower or else risk not getting your degree
  16. Knowing that whatever happens, college is somewhere you'll always feel at home


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

University Room Tour

My room is hands down my favourite thing about my second year at uni so far so of course I had to do a room tour to show it to you, especially now I've more or less finished the decorating process. Compared to my tiny little room in college last year (see my room tour for that here) it's a real luxury as it has actual space and a double bed, so I've tried to do it justice with my little decorative bits and bobs and, of course, photos galore.

This is the view from the doorway as you walk in, I think it's really attractive and welcoming with plenty of colour. The furniture provided was just a bed, desk, desk chair and the huge wardrobe in the back so as you can see I've added to it - I got a rug, a little bookcase and a bedside table which you'll see in the other pics.

This is my little desk area. Unfortunately the desk is pretty small, way smaller than the one I had last year which could fit my printer on it comfortably and had plenty of room left over for me to spread out all my books and papers - hence why my printer is on the floor. I've got my world map on the wall for when I need that geographical inspiration, and when my command strips arrive in the post I'm planning to put my pinboard on the wall too. 

At the moment I just have some essential bits and bobs on my desk, like some pots of pens, a desk light and and a file organiser. I think it's going to be essential to keep the space clear as much as possible, given there's so little of it!

Now we move over to my bed area, where I've got a little bedside table unit from IKEA and a lamp from Argos (which was super cheap! Around £3 I think). The windowsill is where I'm keeping my framed photos and also makeup as there's a handy full-length mirror just out of shot. My duvet cover is from Primark, which is also where I got the matching throw!

The room had curtains up when I moved in but I decided to take them down and store them away as there's a blind anyway and they were sort of in the way. Of course this meant I had a random curtain pole to do something with, and I thought it was the perfect place to put my fluffy pink fairy lights up - plus the mirror is a handy spot to perch the battery pack.

Above my bed is my little photowall, which I'm hoping to add to this year! I was originally going to do a washing line display with string and mini pegs but I thought this simple arrangement looked much more clean and effective.

I decided to buy this little bookcase as there wasn't much in the way of what I call display shelving (i.e. places to put books and decorative bits) and it was only £20 from Argos, which I think is well worth it even if I can't take it home with me at the end of the year. I decided to get it in black so it would match the desk because coordinated furniture pleases me immensely. So far I've just got a few books and DVDs, some tech bits, folders and some photos on the top.

Finally here's the huge wardrobe which is basically the width of the whole room! There's SO much storage space in here which is excellent because I can just cram all sorts of stuff in there and pull the door across to hide it.

To create more small shelves I bought this blue hanging thing from IKEA which is basically where I'm keeping all my clothes. Underwear, tights and pyjamas are in the drawers on the right and I've got the middle shelf set up as a sort of dressing table area with jewellery and some more makeup. Then shoes are on the floor in the wardrobe, cardigans are hanging in the narrow bit above my laundry bag, and dresses, skirts and coats are in the other half of the wardrobe which is a mirror image of the side you can see.

And that's my room! I really love it, I think I've made it my own without spending too much or making any huge/irreversible changes which would lose me my deposit. I'm looking forward to living here for the next year!


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Another Fashion Haul

So I'm back at university and although lectures don't start till Monday it feels good to get back in the swing of things. There's something about the walk into town on a crisp autumn day and seeing the cathedral tower rising up over the rows of houses that truly lifts my spirits, but it's also comforting to come back to a city I know instead of starting in a new place like I was this time last year. The major difference this year is that I'm living in a student house which so far has been a really lovely experience, it's so nice to have a big space to live in instead of a tiny room in halls - not to mention a pretty decent-sized TV and a lovely bathroom!

On the drive up my dad and I stopped off at Bluewater for a bit of a shopping spree and of course I bought a few things. Unfortunately the big H&M was closed for refurbishment and Forever 21 was 50% off the whole store (which sounds good but it was an absolute tip, full of summer stuff and impossible to find anything), but I still managed to spend quite a bit of time and money in New Look. I also got a couple of things in the H&M here in Durham so I thought it was probably time for another haul post, even though my last one wasn't too long ago.

Striped 3/4 length sleeve top from New Look, £8.99
Checked shirt from New Look, £22.99
Striped top from H&M, £7.99

Okay so I realise these might all look very similar but believe me, they aren't. The one on the left is from New Look and it's just a really nice super soft top with dark red stripes which totally match my hair now it's red again. It's one of those really easy to wear pieces that go with a lot of things so I'm hoping it'll become one of my wardrobe staples. The shirt is also from New Look and I really love it - you can't see too well on the photo but it has a sort of twisted fabric thing going on at the bottom so you can't wear it like a cardigan but it's another effortless top that I think will look so good with plain black leggings or jeans. Finally I got this red and blue striped white top from H&M because lets face it, you can never have too many striped tops! I tried this on with blue jeans in the shop and it looked so good as the blue basically matched, I had to get it.

Green corduroy skirt from New Look, £9.99
White trainers from New Look, £17.99
Black suede skirt from H&M, £14.99
Black bag from Forever 21, £7.50

The skirt on the left is actually a really dark green and I just fell in love with it. It was from the 915 section of New Look which I'm really glad I can still fit into (this was an age 12 lol) as the stuff from there is always slightly cheaper. I'd been looking for white trainers for a while but could never find quite the right ones, so I was happy to come across these in New Look - yes I know they're basic af but I need more practical footwear for the colder seasons, especially now I'm living so far away from where I have lectures. The other skirt is a lovely soft imitation suede material and I think it'll just be really handy and go with everything, plus I'll be able to dress it up or down. Last but not least, the bag was the only thing I managed to pick up in Forever 21 but it's really nice, it has two pockets which are just big enough to fit your iPhone in one and some money and your keys in the other so it's perfect for a night out (not that I do much of that) or just any occasion when you don't want to be carrying a big bag.

And that's all I got!


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Secondhand Book Haul

The other weekend I went to a secondhand book sale at my local English shop. As usual I picked up a massive stack of books and on further reflection ended up putting about half back, but I still came away with a good selection which I'm going to show you today. I know I'm always enthusiastic about books but trust me, there are some real corkers in here!

According to Queeney by Beryl Bainbridge
This is a curious little book but somehow it drew me in, I think because of the front cover which is really quite lovely with the rose gold lettering. Set in Georgian London and about the high society of the day, this book is apparently "a story of unrequited love, passion, rejection and possession" so I have high hopes.

I, Mona Lisa by Jeanna Kalogridis
For some reason this rang a bell (I think I saw it on Goodreads or something?) so I picked it up and knew right away it was a winner. It's set in fifteenth century Florence and is, unsurprisingly, a story about Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci. I really love historical fiction from this period, especially when it's set in Italy and especially when it includes well-known characters so I know I'm going to like this.

The Trespass by Barbara Ewing
This intrigued me because I'm not crazy about Victorian historical fiction, but for some reason I felt drawn to it and ended up getting it. It's set in London in 1849 in the middle of a cholera epidemic and is about the daughter of an eminent MP who gets sent away to the countryside for her safety. This is probably quite morbid of me but I do like books about epidemics and disease, it's all quite horrific and thrilling and you know there's going to be at least one dramatic death.

Mad Girl's Love Song: Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted by Andrew Wilson
I was so excited when I spotted this because I love Sylvia Plath and I've been developing a taste for biographies lately so really this is the perfect combination. As far as I can tell it's about her early life, which is interesting, and it draws on interviews with people Plath knew, which is fascinating - this is going to have pride of place in the Plath section of my bookshelf for sure.

The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston
This book is about a three hundred and eighty-four year old witch, which by definition means it's going to become one of my favourites. I can only take fantasy in small doses but this kind of mixture of historical fiction and fantasy is just my cup of tea so I'm excited to read this. The Lost Book of 

Salem by Katherine Howe
To be honest I didn't even read the blurb of this one before I bought it (I just saw the word 'Salem' and lunged for it) but it looks promising because it's another good old historical-fiction-fantasy blend. It's about a woman who, while clearing out her grandmother's cottage, finds an old parchment relating to the infamous Salem witch trials and uncovers her family's connection to them.

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
I recently read Sarah Waters' book The Paying Guests and LOVED it so I've been keen to get my hands on other books she's written. I've heard lots of good things about Fingersmith too - it's set in London in 1862 and seems to have an Oliver Twist vibe to it as it's about an orphan who grows up among petty thieves.

The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
Another Sarah Waters one which I was thrilled to spot. This is set in wartime Britain and - according to the blurb - moves backwards through the 1940s to end with its beginning in 1941, which seems like an original idea so I'm interested to see how/if the author pulls that one off.

The Lost World by Michael Crichton
It's no secret that I love all things Jurassic Park, but I especially love the book and I've been meaning to get the sequel for some time now. Unfortunately this is one of those situations in which I've seen the film before reading the book, but I'm just going to hope that there's a lot more to the book than the film which is definitely the case in the first installment. 

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie
Last but not least... I'm always on the lookout for Agatha Christies when I go to booksales like these because I'm trying to collect all her books - unfortunately I only found one this time but fortunately it was one I haven't got yet so of course I picked it up. I was sorry to find out that this isn't a Hercule Poirot one but I'm definitely going to read it anyway next time I'm in a murder mystery mood.

And that's all I got!