Saturday, 31 January 2015

Nicole Dollanganger


Recently I've been absolutely loving Nicole Dollanganger's music, so I thought I'd talk about it a bit here. I first came across Nicole on Tumblr as a couple of people I follow (such as graveyarddoll) reblog stuff from her quite often, and eventually I was curious so I checked out her blog and her bandcamp page, where you can download her music. First I listened to a couple of tracks from Observatory Mansions, and since I was instantly hooked I went ahead and downloaded the whole album, along with Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Curdled Milk and Babyland.

As always, I'm no music expert but I'd describe Nicole's music as extremely minimalist, eerie, haunting and otherwordly in terms of the sound, but personally it's the creepy and often gory lyrics that draw me in, as sung in Nicole's almost childlike voice the effect is utterly chilling.

I think my favourite album of what I've downloaded is Flowers of Flesh and Blood, as I absolutely adore the following tracks: Rabid, Nebraska, Adam II (Infirmary), Fleurs Captives, Danny and the title track Flowers of Flesh and Blood. I also have a slight obsession with Rampage and Sleepy Towns and Cemeteries from Observatory Mansions, and Blood Brothers from Curdled Milk.

I'm actually reading Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews at the moment, and I can pick out so many influences from it in Nicole's music, especially in Fleurs Captives but also in that she calls herself after the name of the family in the books, Dollanganger.

Here are a few songs of here from YouTube:

If you're at all interested in Nicole's music from what I've said about it, remember you can download it here.


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