Monday, 15 February 2016

Newcastle Haul

Last Wednesday I took advantage of a brief lull in essay deadlines and general uni commitments to male the trip to Newcastle for an afternoon of shopping with a couple of friends. After two fieldtrips with my course since the beginning of the year it was nice to actually be able to explore the city a bit more without needing to complete any tasks or feeling guilty for stopping off in Starbucks. Although I was prepared to spend a decent amount of money (a pre-birthday treat to myself, if you will) we made the rookie mistake of going in Primark first (which has four floors!), after which everything else seemed too pricey and not worth the money.

I'm not exactly in need of clothes (I'm sure I could easily get through the rest of this term without needing to do any washing), but it seems I'm incapable of going into Primark without coming out with an armful of stuff - here's what I got:

Top, £4

I have about 5 tops like these from Primark already and I usually pick one up whenever I'm there. They're just so useful for tucking into skirts or wearing with jeans or anything else really.

T-shirt, £5

This top actually looks much nicer in real life, the border around the words is gold and it feels super soft.

Fancyish top, £8

It doesn't show up too well but this is a really nice shade of forest green. It's made of quite thick material so in my book this is a Fancy Top, which I'm thinking will create a smartish outfit when paired with jeans and a blazer. 

Top, £7

This is actually quite similar to the black one but it's much longer and has a kind of slit up the side. I wore this over black leggings the other day and it was a really nice simple casual outfit.

Pleated skirt, £8

I love this skirt a lot, I'm actually wearing it right now! It's unlined and definitely not the best quality but I can already tell it's going to be a useful little addition to my wardrobe.

Flip-flops, 90p / Necklace, £1.50 / Tights, £2.50

In a somewhat tragic incident the day before the trip my flipflops that I wear walking to and from the shower broke, so I picked up a really boring pair for 90p - they're suprisingly comfy though! The necklace is really lovely, it's rose gold and matches my watch which is always pleasing. I also picked up some relatively unexciting tights.

Shoes, £16

I very nearly didn't get these shoes but I'm glad I did because they're gorgeous. I'm sure it's all an illusion but they seem like really good quality and they're comfortable too (although I've yet to wear them properly). I'm thinking they'll be useful for those situations when you feel you ought to wear heels because the occasion calls for it, but you have to walk a bit and don't want to destroy your feet. Also I will probably just wear them on a daily basis.

And that's everything I got! I have another couple of potential hauls coming up but I feel like that's all I ever post on here so I might leave it a while ahaha.