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My name is Sophie and I'm a twenty-year-old English girl living in Belgium and currently studying geography in the UK. I started this blog in the summer of 2013 to fill the endless days of nothingness that make up the summer break and since then I've really enjoyed having my own little space on the internet to talk about the things I love and share bits of my life with you.

I could write something really pretentious about my appreciation of literature but to be honest I just really love books. These days I've (thankfully) bypassed my obsession with dystopian sci-fi YA novels to cultivate a deep love of historical fiction, particularly anything set in the 12th to 17th centuries and especially the Tudor period. Basically, if there needs to be a family tree at the front to keep track of the characters then I'll read it. The physical nature of books appeals to me just as much as reading: I can spend hours just looking at my bookshelves, reorganising them and running my fingers across the spines - hence why I called my blog 'bibliophilia', the love of books.

When I'm not blogging or just generally interneting I enjoy reading, writing, baking, crafting, shopping, organising things and planning hypothetical interior decoration projects. Apart from books, my favourite things include Polaroids, astrology, my typewriter, homeware, Instagram, ASMR videos and geopolitics.

Welcome to my blog!

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